Collie and Sheltie Rescue
   of Southeast Virginia

Surrendering a Dog

If you need to reach us to surrender a dog contact us at, 757-814-4389 
  at imtani@cox.net757-587-5512.

We can meet you halfway to pick up the dog, but request you bring the dog to us as we do not have an office nor are we equipped with a Rescue vehicle to pick up the dogs.  We use the vehicles of our volunteers to bring the dogs into the Rescue.

Please do not just abandon the dog in the street, or wait until the last minute. Contact us and we will work with you to get the animal into the Rescue. 

Below is a copy of the Surrender form we will need. The form must be signed by the owner in order for us to be able to take in the dog. 

To fill in the form replace the lines after the questions with your responses, save it and email it to the addresses above.

Note: If you use an Apple computer, when you click on this link the document should download to your computer or open in a new window.

On behalf of the dogs, we thank you for contacting us!
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