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How do I go about rehoming my pet?

When you contact CSR of SEVA about surrendering your collie or sheltie, we will ask questions about the medical and social history of your dog. We want to be able to make the best foster placement and find the best home him or her, so the more we know the better fit we can provide. It is very important to share as much information as you have understanding that this is a judgement free zone. If the dog needs special medical attention or behavioral training it is best to know from the start so we can provide that support immediately.

Next, we will set up a time and place to meet to bring the dog into the rescue.  

The dog will then go through an evaluation by an intake person, get medical attention as needed, and be placed in a private foster home. We are in contact with our foster homes regularly checking on the progress of the dog.

Once we feel the dog is ready for their forever home we will place information about them on our website, on Facebook, and on PetFinders. 

You are welcome to contact us after you release the dog to us to check on their progress and situation.

We are here to help!

Rehoming a Collie or Sheltie

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To rehome your pet call 757-814-4389 or send us a message by clicking 

Most of our collies and shelties come from owners you can no longer keep them due to divorce, relocation, allergies, family circumstances, etc. No judgements are made about why a pet is needing to be rehomed. We know it is difficult for the owner under any circumstance.  We are here to help!  We will find him or her a new, loving home. All collies and shelties will receive the best possible care here at CSR of SE VA while we look for the right home for him or her.

Rest assured that our foster families and adopters are approved only after completing an extensive application, a reference check with their veterinarian, and a thorough home visit.  We meet all family members and continue to remain in contact by open communication and home visits.